Sunrise Ritual, under "Berbari Media Corporation" – a leader in its segment of the market – is a privately owned company with international operations in the field of eyewear, sunglasses and much more. With its ‘Joy of living’ slogan the company markets unconventional sunglasses under its own brand. Today the company is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

The Mission

Berbari Media Home Store helps personalities worldwide highlight their individuality and build a happy place by creating and offering a variety of unique, inspiring and joyful eyewear and sunglasses products.

Growing constantly since 2016

With its inexhaustible variety of new trend themes in the field of eyewear the mid-sized company makes a strong impact on consumers, business associates in the eyewear business, contract eyewear clients and franchise partners. On the market the brand attracts attention with its ‘eyewear theatre’, the sensuous showcasing of sunglasses, and sports glasses in eye-catching eyewear worlds. Ever since it was founded the company has registered steady growth thanks to its flair for strategy and new markets, backed by a product range of around 500 articles and an average of 20 new products every year.


When it founded its Berbari Home Store subsidiary in 2016 the company created a solid base in the eyewear industry, ranging from sunglasses to sports eyewear.

We have been in the optical industry since 2004 picking out fabulous eyewear for customers. We always keep up with all the latest fashions so you will be sure to find the latest trending eyewear at our stores. Over the years we have developed great knowledge the importance of uv and blue light glasses that protect the eyes from harmful rays. We look forward to serving you for your eyewear needs.